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Selected Writing
Love across time and space: A review of Hilary Leichter's Terrace story (Lilith)
Frankly Feminist: Short Stories by Jewish women from Lilith Magazine
(Anthology from Brandeis UnIversity Press)
The Virgin Grandmother (PAPER BriGADE: A Publication of the Jewish book council, Vol. Six)
My Husband Became A Citizen At A Heartbreaking Time for America. Here's Why I'm Still Celebrating. (CNN Opinion)
Driving Lesson (Lilith - 2nd Prize in Annual Fiction Contest)
Dear Family (NPR - "Hanukkah Lights" Broadcast)


Life lessons from a badass bubbe (Alma)

Lost and Found: On Helen McGowan's Motor City Madam (Tin House - Candy Issue)

Aunt ethel's hat (apogee journal/issue #10)

Lost and Found: on Art and laurie pepper's The Straight Life (Tin House - The open Bar)

Lost and Found: On Roy Hoffman's Chicken Dreaming Corn (Tin House - The Open Bar)

Love and Darkness: Israel by the Book (Tin House - The Open Bar)

Back To The Future (Michigan Today)

Anxiety and the working woman's Paradox (HuffPost)

Spread The Magic OF Reading: 4 Ways to Help Build Libraries (HuffPost)

The Jazz Car (Tin House - The Open Bar)

The Catalogue of Fantastic Inventions (Tin House - The Open Bar)

Book clubbing: McLean & Eakin (Tin House - The Open Bar)

Farewell, Gourmet (from Your Intern) (HuffPost)

Before Rihanna, There Was Connie Keel (HuffPost)

I'm Just Not ThaT Into That Holiday (HuffPost)

Ain't No Turkey Like Michigan Turkey (HuffPost)

Why My Shrink Needs A Shrink (HuffPost)

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